Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Questions for the Yes on 8ers

Questions for people who believe that “redefining marriage” would be morally wrong, since it has been the same for “thousands of years.”

1. Is it “one man, one woman” or is it “one man, many women?” Seriously. I’m being serious.

2. What about the shellfish thing? Should we go back to the ixnay on the eafoodsay? I know it changed in the New Testament but you’ve got to admit it was pretty silly.

3. If everything is supposed to stay the way it had always been, when are we going to have the sanctity of slavery back?

4. We didn’t have much means of transportation five thousands years ago, or any other technological advances for that matter. Is this going to be a categorical step back to archaic times or is it just the hubby wifey thing?

5. If what gay people do “in their bedrooms,” is fine with you, why is it not fine with you what they do elsewhere?

6. How do you explain God’s creating everyone the way they are if he also believed they should have different rights? What was his purpose for making some people gay if he believed they were not worthy of the same free will as everyone else? Why didn’t he just make them a puppy or a tree?

7. Do you think that, given the abundance of people still in the closet even in 2008, it may have been possible that when the Bible was written, the rights of homosexual humans versus heterosexual humans wasn’t a major topic of discussion? And therefore, perhaps the absence of such subject matter does not automatically signify that it is ethically wrong?

8. Who the fuck do you think you are? I mean, really?

9. Everyone thought the Earth was flat until it was proven otherwise. Are we also mandated to continue those beliefs?

10. Do nine-hundred year old men still exist?

11. Jesus was a carpenter a long time ago, too. When should I expect him to help me with my roof?

12. Let’s be honest with each other. Honest. It’s a simple concept. What are you really afraid of? Because that’s what this is about, right? The fear of something different. All of a sudden your life may change when you have to observe more and more gay people in the streets. Think about it. Unless you drop the soap, is it REALLY that bad?

13. How do you justify actually paying money to deny anyone an inalienable right when there are starving people all over the world? We need disease research. We need to find a better source of energy and that takes money. We need to rehabilitate people who have fallen ill, had accidents and lost their jobs, etc. How does money being spent on this instead better the world? Do you care?

14. When, in the history of the world, has it ever gone smoothly when basic civil liberties have been denied to anyone? Remember MLK? Remember Malcom X? Remember Stonewall? Did you think this would shut anyone up and put them in their place? On a related note, how do you feel about the overwhelmingly negative image this has given extreme religion, more importantly, the dialog that has now been struck all over the world regarding the fact that this is wrong? Backfire much?

15. Has it ever crossed your mind that in reality, it is ironic that it is the utmost religious zealot who will rot in hell? The gays will just go to heaven and help spruce up the place. Maybe frolic around. I’m just saying.

16. Have you ever pondered the fact that more people in the history of the world have died in the name of religion than anything else? Don’t you think it’s time for intolerance to die down?

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